1000 words

I need pictures.  I need professional pictures.  I need them for me.  I’m in the beginning phases of launching my jewelry business and revamping my LinkedIn profile, and I haven’t had a good picture taken of myself since high school graduation!  It just so happens that Mr is really into save the dates/invites with our picture on them.  In theory, it shouldn’t be too difficult to coordinate ONE shoot to suit both purposes.  It just has to get done…  It will get done.

One picture I cannot stop looking at is one of a dress I’m falling for.  Perhaps there are 1000 words – 1000 wonderful words – that I can say about it.  It looks whimsical and elegant, unique and classic.  It looks like something I would wear, but I don’t want to just send my measurements to some company in China and wait for a dress to arrive.  I want to take my mom, godmother and Mr’s mom with me to look at dresses in March.  We’re going to at least 2 sites, and then maybe to Kleinfeld’s because a good friend recommended the Kleinfeld’s experience.  Now, I definitely don’t have at least $2,500 to spend on a dress, but at least three people have told me to go anyway.  I wish I could take a picture of my mom’s face when we get there.  I think that’s exactly what she wants – to see her little girl in bridal wear in a fancy boutique.

So, I’m really looking forward to visiting two venues with Mr in two weeks.  We made these appointments so long ago.  The anticipation has been building, and now we’re both just so ready to have a date that we can tell people to save!  Mr has been really involved in the planning process, and it feels great to have a partner in this.  I feel no pressure to do anything I don’t want to do.  Whenever Mr suggests something, I presume it’s because it matters to him.  If it doesn’t matter to me, he can run with it.  I’m learning that there is not much that matters that much to me.  If he’s running with something and then comes to a halt or gets off track, then it must not matter that much to him either.  That’s fine.  If it doesn’t matter to us, then it doesn’t matter.  More than anything, I am just ready to use my powers of negotiation when we visit the venue and set a menu!!  I love a good negotiation.



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