Happy New Year!

I’m not that big on resolutions, but a challenge for myself this year is to speak less about what I’m going/want to do and more about how I did it.  Re-reading my last post, I seemed so sure that I’d be married in a church early next year.  Now? Not so much.

Mr and I did look at a few places and put inquiries out, but it’s not working out that way.  We’re going another way… with a new time line.  At this point, we just want to be married.  The wedding is becoming an absurd and oddly inconvenient hurdle to the finish line.

But wait! Last year ended on quite a high note…

Following his April 2013 proposal, Mr came with a fun re-do:

It was very nice… Very nice 🙂  It was absolutely amazing, actually, to be surrounded by our friends – particularly special friends who have been with us through our relationship.  So now, after months of being engaged, it feels more “officially official.”  (Lydia’s reaction gets me every time!  Love that woman.)

Like his April proposal, Mr. proposed on December a few days after brain surgery.    This most recent surgery was disappointing, to say the least.  We expected his surgeon to insert a cranial flap to protect his brain after the last surgery.  We were not expecting the surgeon to find infection and have to remove tissue and put Mr. back on antibiotics.  But life isn’t what you expect.  That put a bit of a damper on the occasion…

Together, Mr and I announced our happy news of “officially official” engagement on Facebook.  Then we sent the email link to our website with password to about 150 friends and loved ones.  The support from friends, family and loved ones was wonderful! We truly felt encouraged, and there’s just something about sharing good news that makes it more real.  However, there’s always one… one who cannot share in the goodness, and for our happy announcement that was Mr’s ex-wife.  It seemed to me the news of our engagement launched her into some bizarre frenzy and the finality of their relationship became all too real. She proceeded to hold their son hostage cutting off all communication between he and Mr for nearly a week.  It was heartbreaking.  I continue to pray for her and the situation.  Mr has since seen his son.

Adding to the complication, I moved out of my two-bedroom apartment where I had been living for the past 3 years and into my friend’s townhouse.  The physical act of moving was a great way to burn off steam (because let me be real: I was angry about Mr’s ex’s behavior at that point.), and the purging of my stuff – just throwing out whatever I didn’t immediately think I needed – was quite metaphorical for the larger life-shed I imagine I’ll be going through.  My friend’s invitation to live with her was a God-send since I’m saving some money that is being put into the wedding fund.

Even with all the changes and transition, I look down at my rose quartz engagement ring, and I do feel loved… and grateful to be in love with such an amazing man.  I guess rings do matter, after all.


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