A month of what

First of all, you need to know that this song is still bringin’ ’em to the dance floors in the club!

Agree to disagree if you’d like to. The bottom line is that I haven’t posted in over a month! Ooo wee! Sorry. I’m back. DANGER! (lol)  So what’s been happening? Stuff!Site uncertainty

We have a date. Well, more accurately, I set a date and of all other details except my groom, it’s the only thing I’m clinging to for dear life. I’m not sure Mr is so attached to this date.  After all, we have not secured a venue.  Doesn’t it all depend on when we can be accommodated?  Well, I’m just praying that we can be accommodated on the date we’ve selected.  It’s no secret – February 13, 2015. Be there! All the cool kids are going to be.

We were really struggling to agree on a location – and not just a venue – an actual place.  I’m on team NYC despite and in spite of the expense.  For a moment I considered venues in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, but I knew I wanted a city wedding.  Then I got caught up in the idea of being married by a waterfall, which is not new for me.  See… I originally wanted to elope.  (My father killed that dream quick!)  But I revisited this aspiration and considered giving up my New York state of mind for waterfalls.  This led to a conversation with Mr about Chota Falls in Georgia and Ruby Falls in Tennessee.  OF COURSE, Mr favored Chota and I fell in love with Ruby.  Seriously, who wouldn’t fall in love with Ruby Falls?

Ruby-falls-weddingSomeone with an elderly grandmother for whom a mile-hike to a ceremony site 1100 feet underground in a cavern seems nearly impossible… that’s who. At some point in this discussion Mr accused me of wanting to kill his grandmother off. (what?) I merely pointed out the inevitably of her expiration and that it seemed a little absurd to plan an entire wedding taking place more than a year from now around one person who may not be able to travel at all… The conclusion is that neither Chota nor Ruby nor any waterfall option will be considered.  That led Mr to put his consistent wedding location back into our talks – Florida, where his grandmother lives.  Let’s be clear: I hate Florida. It’s that simple.  I’ve hated Florida since Jeb Bush became governor, since votes weren’t counted, since Stand Your Ground Laws brought half the nation and most of the world to its knees. I have not purchased orange juice from Florida for years. I just… I can’t do Florida.  I even grimaced about making the trip to Florida to visit my own family and to meet Mr’s grandparents.  So out went Florida.

We’ve discussed Pittsburgh (where I went to college), Rhode Island (where two good friends live and we visit almost annually), and Jamaica, but… I think it’s NYC for us – at least for me.

And while I resisted the idea for years, I do believe we’ll end up in a church for a traditional (with a few twists) Christian wedding ceremony.  I’m at peace with this option.

Pin it!

I get it! I finally understand why people are all over Pinterest. I’ve seen so many things I like or want to remember later (hair styles, head pieces, dresses, photographers), but I don’t want to construct an entire blog post about it.  However, I haven’t created a Pinterest board for anything.  I probably won’t.  Oh well.

Well, it’s December and if we can keep our target wedding date, my goal is to secure a venue early in the new year so that more information can be posted to our nascent wedding website and that the actual, real wedding planning can begin.


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