wedding site-ing

We have a wedding website. Go us! We also have a wedding-planning/communicating email address, and I’ve requested email addresses from friends and family so that Mr and I can start 2014 communicating about our wedding with those who want to/will witness it.

Yesterday was obviously a rather productive day!

My hope is that April 2014 will be another month of hyper-activity.  It’s the month I plan on trying on dresses.  It’s the month I hope to send out announcements/save the dates. It’s the month I hope to secure a venue too.  Some brides are all about the ring.  Others all about the dress.  It appears that I’m a location, location, location bride.

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A month of what

First of all, you need to know that this song is still bringin’ ’em to the dance floors in the club!

Agree to disagree if you’d like to. The bottom line is that I haven’t posted in over a month! Ooo wee! Sorry. I’m back. DANGER! (lol)  So what’s been happening? Stuff! Continue reading