‘Til Death

I don’t want to tell Mr’s stories on this blog.  Mr is a very private person.  I asked his permission to start this blog, to be honest about my feelings on it, knowing that our lives intersect and intertwine.  I am grateful to have the space to express myself, but I know that my “self” is connected to someone else.  Where am I going?

Mr’s paternal grandfather transitioned from this earth on Monday, October 21, 2013.  He was 92 years old.  It hit Mr hard.  He was with me the night before he found out, and he said he had been dreaming about his grandfather, specifically that his grandfather died.  He said he dreamed the same dreams the night before that as well.  He didn’t find out about his grandfather’s passing in the most delicate way either.  I’m not sure the weight of the loss will be fully felt until the funeral, which will be held in Haiti on November 15.  Mr’s grandfather was a high-ranking (if not the highest-ranking) clergy for the Church of God in Christ in Haiti.  The church is handling most of the funeral arrangements, and the service will be attended by many, many people.  (The last I heard of the count was 3,000.)  That can’t be easy for the family.  It wouldn’t be easy for me.  The passing of the loved one is personal.  Mr is holding up.  He’ll go to Haiti for the funeral, and I think that’s very important.

In addition to his children and grandchildren, Mr’s grandfather is survived by his wife.  They would have been married for 65 years on December 21 of this year.

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