Wedding Fever

It is still a riddle to me that a few months ago I was reluctant to tell people I was engaged, and now I can’t stop telling people that I’m getting married. HA! I crack myself up.

Well, I’m in a wedding-dreaming frenzy.  (Note: The denial continues and has evolved into a denial of wedding-planning.  More on that later.  For now, I’ll just revel in the blissful dreaming that’s happening.)

I spoke with a travel agent yesterday because I want to invite guests to join us on honeymoon.  I know.  It sounds crazy, but that’s going to be the most fun!  I just wish I could share everything all at once, but alas… Two things got me excited about wedding-dreaming: 1) attending the wedding of my friends Kieran and Lydia; and 2) talking to Mr about our honeymoon, which may be our first real passport-using vacation together.

Let’s talk about Kieran and Lydia’s wedding:



I first met Lydia before I started graduate school, but in the context of graduate school.  We met at an information session about the same graduate program.  I was instantly impressed.  (I wonder if Kieran felt the same way.)  I cannot put my finger on what aspect of Lydia’s bubbly, outgoing, straightforward, genuine, warm character got me first, or even why I could get all that from the first three seconds of her self-introduction, but I was hooked!  I met her boyfriend, Kieran, who was also in graduate school, but miles away in Michigan, at my 25th birthday party.  (The party was in NY. I have no reason to throw a party in Michigan.)  He seemed really cool, calm, collected and comfortable, and I caught him interacting with Lydia nearly in awe of her every move.  I thought that was pretty wonderful.  Needless to say, I like these two a whole lot.  In fact, I love them, and I considered it a complete and total privilege and honor to have been invited to and attend their wedding.  Not only were two great people joining their lives before my very eyes, but I got to share in that witness with Mr!

13876_10151748769467909_1923628375_n(This is a horrible picture of me.)  But we had a great time!  We all did… everyone. It was amazing!  Weddings can be fun!

group wedding shot(Another photo in which I look ridiculous!… Anyway. My friends are fabulous.)

Now let’s talk about honeymoons because… they are great!  Not that I know from personal experience, but people talk about the wedding like this opportunity to splurge on a big party, and it is.  Why are there not more voices swelling about the honeymoon as an opportunity to splurge on a great vacation?  Can I chair that committee?

Also, let me stand up for myself amidst those who have already scrounged up their faces when I’ve said, “We’re inviting people to the honeymoon!” because is that not what a destination wedding does?  Who flies in for your afternoon wedding on the beach on a Caribbean island and then leaves that night?  No one!  In fact, it was at Kieran and Lydia’s wedding that our friends asked if we were going to do a destination wedding in the Caribbean since Mr’s Haitian and my family is Jamaican.  I thought it would be too much for people to plan an entire vacation around our decision to have a wedding somewhere, but who would have guessed that contrary to my beliefs people would jump at the opportunity!  I’m not a fan of destination weddings for which I am the bride, but I did have an amazing time at my friend’s wedding in the Bahamas last year.  It was great – the best vacation of my adult life.  I’m quite pleased to have the opportunity to offer that to my friends and family, who may be more motivated to take the trip if it were attached to celebrating our wedding.

But… I’m not doing a destination wedding.  I still firmly hold my ground on getting married in New York City.  That is still happening.  Our wedding date has been selected – a Friday night – and will feature Caribbean-themed lite fare (of course), a number of twists on the traditional Christian wedding ceremony, and a brief party.  I won’t even call it a party.  It will be more like a soiree, and let me emphasize the brief.  If this shebang kicks off at 7, it’s going to be more than over by 11.  Barely enough time for toasts, photos, dancing and greeting guests.  Once I drop the bomb on the honeymoon location, it will make sense that that be a party option and not a destination wedding.



4 thoughts on “Wedding Fever

  1. your blogs are like a soap opera… what will happen next week! great idea to invite to the honey moon. imagine how close everyone would be after having stayed together for a few days as opposed to a few hours.

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