Wedding Fever

It is still a riddle to me that a few months ago I was reluctant to tell people I was engaged, and now I can’t stop telling people that I’m getting married. HA! I crack myself up.

Well, I’m in a wedding-dreaming frenzy.  (Note: The denial continues and has evolved into a denial of wedding-planning.  More on that later.  For now, I’ll just revel in the blissful dreaming that’s happening.)

I spoke with a travel agent yesterday because I want to invite guests to join us on honeymoon.  I know.  It sounds crazy, but that’s going to be the most fun!  I just wish I could share everything all at once, but alas… Two things got me excited about wedding-dreaming: 1) attending the wedding of my friends Kieran and Lydia; and 2) talking to Mr about our honeymoon, which may be our first real passport-using vacation together.

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The Change

So much for posting every week.

While I dodged blogging, something changed. I do not know what it is. I do not know how to describe what happened.  Things got worse in the way things get when they have yet to fall into place, so they may get better but in the moment exist in the realm of the unknown and the uncomfortable.  And by “things” I mean life.  And by life I am excluding my relationship with Mr.  Our relationship has never been better, more secure, more firm, more aligned, more sure.

So we, the couple – a miser and her Mister – hold this truth to be self-evident: WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!… soon!  Well, not like, next week or even next year, but we are full-speed ahead.  There’s even a date!

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