One Wednesday night…

Mr proposed to me late one Wednesday night – Wednesday, April 17, 2013 to be exact. We had returned to my apartment after Bible Study. I don’t quite remember what he said. I’m pretty sure he professed his love and desire to be with me for the rest of his life. Then he asked me to marry him.

Look, it was late, and I was tired. I said “yes” and went to bed. If you were looking for something a little more romantic, more conventional, more exciting, you won’t find that here in my version of that evening’s events. I love Mr very much. I want to marry Mr very much. I said “yes” because I meant it.

In the morning, I went for a run. Running always helps me think through things. I pray while running. I am silent while running. I listen to God. Running is meditative. Running is good. When I came back, Mr was awake and asked if I remembered what he had asked me the night before. (Was I supposed to forget?) He assured me that though there was no ring (I asked not to have one months ago.), and though it wasn’t the proposal he had planned, it was still a real proposal. We were engaged. He was my fiance. I was to govern myself accordingly. I agreed to all of that… whatever that meant.

A little background –
Mr and I started dating the summer of 2010. We met online via OK Cupid, were nearly inseparable for a few short weeks in NYC, and then I moved to DC for a job. I vividly remember driving with him to DC a week before my big move to look for apartments. I was glad for the company, and I was glad to be with him. We were on I-95 South a few miles north of the Maryland House when he leaned over and asked to be my boyfriend – all official. It was so sweet. I said, “of course!” enthusiastically (hence, the exclamation point), and we pulled over at aforementioned Maryland House and proceeded to kiss passionately for several minutes.

So we’ve been doing this long distance thing from the onset. It has its pros and its cons. For example, I’ve been able to focus on my career. Mr has been able to focus on his life. When we see each other, we appreciate the time spent in an almost indescribable way. We’re thirsty for each other by the time we see each other. I kinda like it that way. But then there’s the missing, and the days of not kissing and the list goes on. The biggest challenge is the management of resources and assets such as time, money and expectations. That has been the theme and thesis of our relationship: How do we manage our time, money and expectations together?

Nothing has forced me to consider that question more than the inevitable nuptials. Dates have been discussed, but nothing has been set. There are ideas. There are dreams. But there are no plans, not even a Pinterest board. Just two people in love who are committed to sharing a life together.

Mr plans to propose again. There will be a ring. (I changed my mind – about the ring, not my original response to his first proposal.) Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “One Wednesday night…

  1. Awwwww that’s funny he thought u forgot. What changed ur mind about the ring? Why didn’t you want one to begin with? I’m glad he is doing it over and you guys will have the engagement you both envisioned!! 🙂

    • CAM! You found me :)… and followed. I’m going to do an entire post about rings once I get mine. I’m glad he’s doing it over again, too. When I told my uncle he kept asking me “Did he get down on one knee?”… “Did the boy get down on one knee??” ha! I think that would have made a difference, and I hope he does it the second time around.

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